Change capacity settings of the vehicle:
[[4,2,1],[0,0,3]] [[5,5,5],[10,2,2],[2,7,2]]
Depot location
Change the geographical location of the single depot location:
Request Body

The Send Request button submits the updated plan. If the request is successful, a response with a unique ID will be generated.

Route overview with corresponding current vehicle load.
Current vehicle load
Stop id Loaded transports Unloaded transports Quantity A Quantity B Quantity C Used alt. capacity
Response of Create Plan request
Waiting for response...
A look at the optimized plan

The Route Optimization API is an asynchronous API. Therefore, the created plan must be first optimized via the endpoint "Optimize plan", afterwards it is possible to get the plan via the endpoint "Get plan". For convenience in this code sample, you can also see the response from the Get Plan endpoint without doing the extra steps. However, mind that to use the API, you also need the steps mentioned. For more information about asynchronous API see the code sample "How to create a plan". Similarly, to delete the previously created plan, use the unique plan id from the response and the code sample "Delete a plan".

Waiting for response...

You can alternatively choose one of the following samples in your preferred language to send a Create Plan request:

Request Sample
// C# 
// JavaScript 
// Python 
// Java 
// PowerShell